Benefits of Being a Member

Membership of the United Democratic Alliance  is open to all Kenyans upon application. This applies to all Kenyan citizens in possession of a valid National Identification card or passport, irrespective of gender, race, colour or creed and in accordance with the provisions of the Political Parties Act 2011.

Who can join the UDA?

Membership of the UDA party is open to all Kenyans above the age of 18 years, irrespective of tribe or race, who accept its principles, policies and programmes and are prepared to abide by its Constitution and rules.

Others who may apply for membership include:  People who are resident in Kenya and have manifested a clear identification with the Kenyan people and its values.

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Rights and duties of members

An UDA member has the right to:

Take a full and active part in the discussion, formulation and implementation of the policy of the UDA.

  • Submit proposals or statements through the appropriate structures to the branch, county, and region.
  • Offer constructive criticism of any member, official, policy programme or activity of the UDA within its structures.
  • Receive and impart information on all aspects of UDA policy and activities.
  • Take part in elections and be elected or appointed to any committee, structure, commission or delegation of the UDA.

How to join the UDA

Register online through

Dont forget to register to our UDA youth Wing 





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