About Us


The UNITED DEMOCRATIC ALLIANCE (UDA) youth assembly which is commonly referred to as UDA Youth Wing comprises of party members aged between 18 and 35. Youth Wing is an integral party organ that is subject to the general direction of the National Executive Council and the party’s general control and discipline at all levels. The Young UDA Democrats has an executive committee made up of the Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary, Assistant National, Branch, Sub-Branch, Ward and Village unit secretary, Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer, Organizing Secretary, Assistant Organizing Secretary and 10 committee members.

The UDA YOUTH WING executive committee officials at the national, branch, sub-branch, Ward and village unit are elected simultaneously and in the same manner as their counterpart party officials. The officials hold office for a term of 5 years, and they are eligible for re-election after the expiry of their term.

The UDA YOUTH WING future plans include

1. Reach out to grassroots members and mobilize for party membership recruitment through the organ

2. Push for youth agenda within and without the party

3. Carry out UDA YOUTH WING grassroots elections

Application for Young UDA membership can be made verbally or in writing to nearest party offices. For more information about the Young UDA refer to Article (21) of the party constitution.

We will conduct UDA YOUTH WING election in 2021