There is established the National Youth Congress (NYC). The National Youth
Congress shall consist of
i. The Secretary Youth Affairs;
ii. All Youth National Leaders;
iii. Elected Youth Party Governors, Senators or Members of
iv. Elected Youth Members of County Assemblies; and,
v. Youth members of the County, Constituency and Ward
Executive Committees.

Membership of the Youth Congress is limited to the age of eighteen to thirty
five (18-35) years.

The Secretary Youth Affairs at the National Office in consultation with NEC
shall convene and preside over the National Youth Congress.
The National Youth Congress shall be convened at least once every year or
from time to time as shall be approved by the NEC.

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ARTICLE 14.1: Functions of the National Youth Congress

i. Popularize and recruit members to the party;
ii. mobilize youth in order to participate in formulation of youth
iii. Guide the party in special needs and interests peculiar to the
youth in the formulation of party policies;
iv. Organize relevant activities and programmes for the youth in
the country in liaison with the National Executive Council; and,
v. such other roles as may be assigned by the NEC.

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