There is established the National Delegates Congress (NDC), which is the supreme organ of the party. The NDC shall consist of:

A. The following national officials elected by the NDC from among its members;
1) Party Leader;
2) Deputy Party Leader- operations;
3) Deputy Party Leader- programmes;
4) Deputy Party Leader- strategy;
5) National Chairperson;
6) Deputy Chairperson – Operations;
7) Deputy Chairperson – Programmes
8) Deputy Chairperson- strategy;
9) Secretary General;
10) Deputy Secretary General – Operations;
11) Deputy Secretary General – Programmes; 1
2) Deputy Secretary General- strategy;
13) National Treasurer;
14) Deputy National Treasurer-operations
15) Deputy National Treasurer- programmes
16) Deputy National Treasurer- strategy
17) National Organizing Secretary;
18) Deputy Organizing Secretary- operations
19) Deputy National Organizing Secretary-programmes
20) Deputy National Organizing Secretary-strategy
21) Secretary for Women Affairs
22) Secretary Youth Affairs, Sports and Culture;
23) Secretary for Legal Affairs;
24) Secretary for Economic Affairs and Planning;
25) Secretary for Devolution & Intergovernmental Relations;
26) Secretary for Lands, Housing and Urban Planning;
27) Secretary for International Affairs;
28) Secretary for Energy, Petroleum and Mining;
29) Secretary for Information, Communication and Technology;
30) Secretary for Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries;
31) Secretary for Water and Sanitation;
32) Secretary for Transport and Infrastructure;
33) Secretary for Tourism, Environment and Natural Resources;
34) Secretary for Education;
35) Secretary for Health;
36) Secretary for Micro Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs), Trade and Industrialization;
37) Secretary for Labour and Social Services;
38) Secretary for Persons With Disabilities;
39) The National Policy Committee; and
40) Executive Director.

B. Governors;
C. Elected Members of the Senate;
D. Members of the National Assembly;
E. Elected Members of the County Assembly;
F. County Executive Committee;
G. Constituency Executive Committee.

6.1.2 Functions of the National Delegates Congress

1. The National Delegates Congress shall be the supreme organ of the party. It shall have the following powers and duties:
i. To review, formulate and or approve all the policies of the party;
ii. To elect from among the eligible members of the party the national officials in accordance with this Constitution;
iii. To nominate among the eligible members of the party the Party Leader who shall be the Party’s de facto Presidential candidate;
iv. To receive reports from the National Governing Council and the National Executive Committee on the operations of the party; and,
v. To consider any such other matters as may be referred to it by the National Governing Council.

2. An ordinary session of the National Delegates Congress shall be held at least twice every five (5) years at a place and date to be determined by the National Executive Committee. The notice of the meeting shall be sent out by a resolution of NEC at least three (3) weeks before such date.
3. A special session of the National Delegates Congress shall be summoned upon the decision of the National Executive Committee or upon a requisition in writing by at least one third of the delegates.
4. The elected national Officials shall serve for a term of five (5) years unless otherwise extended by the NDC.



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