United Democratic Alliance (UDA) party has launched a massive party registration in Kisumu County with close to 5,000 already registered.

The County UDA interim coordinator Bernard Odhiambo said the exercise has been going well, save for wrangles from a different entity also supporting the party.

Odhiambo noted that they have a target of registering 10,000 new members in the county by the end of August this year.

“We are facing a challenge because there is also another group that has come up that they are also doing the registration yet they are not registered.This is the same group being supported by the Regions point man”.

Speaking to the press in Kisumu where the registration of new members was ongoing, Odhiambo appealed to Eliud Owalo, UDA Nyanza point man to come down and bring peace among the two entities.

He stated that the wrangles will derail the registration process and dim the support of the UDA party in the county.

Odhiambo claimed that the two teams should be harmonized by the head office for a smooth operation by the interim office before grassroot elections are conducted.

Steven Odiwuor, the youth representative of the UDA party in the county, called for peace during this registration process.

Odiwuor alias Blade noted that they are ready to work under the interim coordinator and ask Owalo to come down and bring peace.

He stated that they have rejected a coordinator who is imposing himself on UDA party supporters.

Everline Otieno, women representative, said the UDA party is offering political space for the people of Kisumu.

Otieno noted that they want peace and will not coerce or cajole anybody to join the party but it will remain voluntary.


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