So the latest money making platform is HelaEmpire. Is it worth paying attention to> It may not be a full time occupation but it definitely will help contribute to your multiple streams of income

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hela empire

Earning in HelaEmpire sounds very promising, and also an opportunity for many people to make quite easy money. And it does work for them. But of course, there is a catch to it. Where there is ease in making money, there has to be some things that you already need to have not the majority have. Audience.

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Now when you are logged in there is several options of how to make money like most online platforms.

– Watching YouTube videos
– Spinning and winning
– Answering Trivia Questions
Another key benefit is discounted airtime.


Hela Empire

HelaEmpire is a kind of earning method that highly depends on your networking skills and audience, due to its nature of referring new clients to earn money from their paid fee during sign up.

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Individuals working with referrals systems with an average to big audience are the greatest beneficiaries, since you only have to pay the same investment fee as everyone that joins, but you are guaranteed to earn way more than your investment.

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If you’d like to join HelaEmpire,you should know that :-

  1. The bigger your audience the more you earn
  2. The most profitable way to earn is through referrals
  3. You will most likely not get your money back when things don’t work out for you (in the case that you can’t get referrals when you do not have a way to go about it)
  4. The customer service may not be as convenient during the early days of launching, due to the traffic that the customer care will be getting so your patience will be important
  5. Even though it sounds like easy money, you actually need to work for it, in the sense of educating your friends how it works and how they will earn from it. This way, they will join under your invitation link and you both benefit since you will learn how to go about it and also earn from it.
  6. You can lose your invested money if you have no idea what your are doing. If you are new to the platform and you are interested, it’s best to find someone that has had an experience with the platform and is making profit. They can help you know how you can also make money like them. But if course, most of them only accept to do this with you if you joined using their link which will also benefit both of you.

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I will be joining the platform because I’ve made profits from their previous platforms SwiftMart and EazyCash which still pay their users till today, and is very convenient to get something extra.
If you’ll be interested, be sure to visit this page on 26th of June as I will have posted the joining link here and I will keep you updated with some of the best earning strategies I’ve got from the past years.

Is HelaEmpire Legit?

When it comes to the question of legitimacy, as in observing their statements and delivering withdrawals, yes they do deliver. I have had an experience with their previous platforms,SmartHela, EazCash and Swiftmart, and every withdrawal made coming from referral earnings has always been delivered. I honestly didn’t bother to look into the other earning ways, since it is clear you are most likely to make nothing or get a frozen withdrawal when you initiate withdrawals from the other categories of earning money from their platform.

So in the case of joining for referrals purposes only, you are guaranteed to make money and get 100% of your withdrawals to your phone. There has been no doubt about that.

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I have considered joining the likes of HelaEmpire since it is a simple way of making money, with just the correct strategies, you can really have a good outcome. Just lay out your strategy before getting started, otherwise you will be presented to disappointments.

If you have a really good audience or fan base, consider yourself lucky because you can all benefit from this kind of business, but the catch being that the person on top will make easy money and make the most out of it. Have a look at the definition of a pyramid scheme, and know why it can be risky.

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But if you know all about it and you would just like to do it for the case of making extra money because you know your way around referral platforms like HelaEmpire, then be my guest. There is no harm in going for what you are well aware of.

Just have it clear, that it can be risky if you have no clear understanding of how you are going to make your money back as profit after joining the platform. Otherwise, I know of very young people that are constantly making loads of money from these platforms, and they keep doing it again and again. It’s all a matter of being well informed and finding your way around things.



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