From this Cash Chat App alone, I have made Ksh 148000 in just three months.That’s equivalent to Ksh 49300 per month. Cash Chat is an app developed by PesaMoni(boldcashers),The main intention is to enable its users to connect socially and also to Make Money. Users can easily converse with their friends online by sending text or voice messages, images, and videos with the CashChat app.Cash chat is available worldwide. You can refer across the countries and also send/ receive money to anyone in Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda.

Registration Link>> https://my.cashchatapp.com/register

CashChat APP

Cash Chat APP

With this Cash Chat APP, you can do the following.

  •  Pay utility bills at a discounted price.
  • Send money from one Boldcashers user to another.
  • Make Visa and MasterCard transaction at a minimum fee.
  • And earn MONEY.

In these article I will show you how to make Ksh 7500 weekly from Cashchat without compromising your daily activities.

Cash Chat APP

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If you are interested in making 1000ksh and above with Cash Chat as well as accessing all its other features, follow the steps below;
NB: Cash Chat will give you Ksh 200 back into your account after activation. This applies to all new members.

Step One CashChat Registration 

Register to Cash Chat App using these link https://my.cashchatapp.com/register

CashChat APP

Enter you details as follows.

  • Your name, email address, password
  • Ensure your mobile number is the one you’ll be using to receive payments. If you’re in Kenya, the Mpesa number is preferred.

And once done click on the “SignUp” button.

Step 2: Activate Your Cash Chat App Account.

Here you need to pay a one time subscription fee of Ksh 1550. Like any other business, here, you also need a capital of Ksh 1550 to get started.

Registration Link>> https://my.cashchatapp.com/register

Method 1

This method is highly recommended as it’s fast and convenient.

• Login into your Cash Chat App using your email and password
• Click the Pay Subscription option in the dashboard.
• On the next page, Select Pay from the mobile tab.
• Enter your Mpesa number or any relevant mobile money number which you’ll use to pay the Ksh 1550.
• Click Make Payment after confirming the phone number is correct.
• You’ll receive Mpesa popup prompting you to enter your Mpesa Pin. Confirm the transaction by entering it and clicking OK.
• Your account will be active, and you can access all cash chat

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Method 2

✓ So just  head over to your Mpesa menu.

✓ Go to lipa na Mpesa and then Paybill.

✓Enter Business Number as 4040043.

✓ Account name as BC.

✓ Key in your pin and complete the transaction.

✓ After that, move on and copy the Mpesa transaction reference code that you got when you paid the payment.

✓ Then go ahead and login to your CashChat account and paste the code and click on activate.

Registration Link>> https://my.cashchatapp.com/register

Is Cash chat App Legit?

Cashchat APP is a legit company under the Pesamoni LTD. Pesamoni is the parent company of Boldcashers. They are a financial technology company based in Uganda and operates also in Kenya and Rwanda.

They are a licensed company in Kenya and hence responsible for paying taxes just like any other company that operates legally in Kenya.

Do you want prove? Here are documents that prove the you aren’t dealing with a bunch of scammers

Cashchat/BoldCashers/ Pesamoni offices in Kenya are located at View park towers, 6th floor along Utalii Lane, in Nairobi.

CashChat APP

How Does Cash chat App Works | How To Fast Money 

From Cashchat APP you make money via four major ways.

1.Via Affiliate Marketing

This way, you earn money for recruiting new members to join Cashchat APP. You earn Ksh 1000 for every referral you bring to join Cashchat.

As soon as you activate your cash chat app, you become an affiliate marketer by default. This is usually done using a unique affiliate link that can be found once you log in to cash chat. You can withdraw the earnings anytime you wish.
There are various ways through which you can earn more with the Cash Chat affiliate program. Since the bottom line of the earnings depend on the number of users who joined using your link, promoting it is crucial. Here are some of the methods you can use Social Media,Blogging,Promoting on whatsapp Status, creating Youtube videos

2. Cashchat Status Views

you earn 0.10 dollars for each view that you get on your Cashchat APP status. This’s a good rate, is it? Imagine your status having over 50 Adverts running from different advertisers in a day and assuming you have 1000 viewers who view your adverts.

You would have made; 1000×50=50,000/1000 and your daily earnings would be 50 USD which is equivalent to Ksh 5000. Isn’t it awesome? Of course it is.

3.As an Agent –

Cashchat pays you 20% commissions of the advertising fee paid by a client. Let’s say you sold an Ad space to advertisers or business owners who want to promote their business on Cash Chat App and they pay 1500 USD as Ads expenses, doing some fairly simple sum, you would made 0.20 × $1500 = $300.

4. The Spin Win Wheel –

As an active member of Cashchat APP, you are eligible for a spin wheel that appears every week in your account.

Depending on how lucky you are on that day you can earn amount ranging from Ksh 10 to 450. I call it free lunch money.

CashChat APP


That little amount of Ksh 1550 can change your life and you can turn it into $100 monthly as a side hustle.
Also Finding a legit online job has been hard considering the number of Ponzi schemes being launched each day. Opportunities like Cash Chat are rare, and they shouldn’t be ignored. Giving it a trial might help you, as Ksh 1550 is not much compared to the amount we invest and lose in many scenarios.
CashChat APP

Are you ready to get started. Get started right here, or send me a message on WhatsApp using the chat widget and you be ready to go.



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