Have you heard of Pakakumi where you can bet with 10bob and win 1000sh ?These is a new casino betting site in Kenya where many youths are making money online in matter of Money.Today am going to show to Pakakumi latest tricks and hack which i use with my Moi University Comrades.We make upto 15,000ksh Daily. In a bad day we make 5,000ksh

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Pakakumi Tricks

WHAT is Pakakumi ?

Pakakumi is a thrilling social online betting game.
It’s a real time, simple, & exciting game where you can securely play for fun or to win a fortune.

Claim your Pakakumi 300ksh welcome bonus

Claim now >>  https://play.pakakumi.com/300kshBonus

 How to register to Pakakumi

To register log on to https://play.pakakumi.com/ .
Fill in Your Details (Mobile Number)
Enter Your Username
Enter your Password
Then click Join Pakakumi your PakaKumi registration will be successful.

Register to pakakumi

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Tricks/Hacks on how to win on Pakakumi  

For this tricks to work You need a minimum of 500ksh on your Pakakumi Account.. But for new players deposit 300sh and 300sh bonus: totally you will have 600sh.

Rules of the Tricks

Rule 1: Play from 9am -12pm 2pm-5pm 8pm-12Am {these is time when players are many}
Rule 2: Dont be revenge.Just be cool and compose
Rule 3: Know when to quit {when players are less than 100}

So Here are the very latest Tricks

  • Play with 50ksh+{more bet money huge winnings}
  • When AutoCash has surpassed on 10x +  on the next bet bet high stake 50 ksh- 100ksh the rate of winning is 90%
    Pakakumi hacks
  • When the AutoCash is Below 2x dont bet on the the next bet until it surpassed 4x{if wish to bet stake very low} 80%
    Pakakumi Kenya Tricks
  • When the the AutoCash is above 3x on the next bet stake high above high above 2x {winning chances 85%}
  • Know that you win 4 times ikufuatana or loose 4 times ikufuatana (use that to your knowledge)

Pakakumi tricks

N/B: With these tricks/hacks you can win upto 10,000ksh daily depending on the amount you stake 

Why Register To And Bet On PakaKumi

  • Instant Withdrawal 
  • The best casino site in kenya 
  • Lowest bet is 10bet
  • Get 300ksh Registration Bonus
  • Earn bonus upto Ksh 10,000 per friend

Register to pakakumi

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First you need to have a positive balance, by depositing money through MPESA to your account or receiving a tip from someone in the community.

Next, select the amount to bet and a cash out multiplier. Place your bet. Watch the multiplier increase from 1x upwards! You can cash out before your set up cash out limit, pressing the ‘Cash Out’ button. Get your bet multiplied by that multiplier. But be careful because the game can bust at any time, and you’ll get nothing!


PakaKumi Login

To Log in,Click  https://play.pakakumi.com/.
Fill in Your Details (Mobile Number) and Password
Then click login button.

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Absolutely! And we can prove it.

There are already 3rd party open source scripts to verify and calculate the game results. Check out this handy tool that one of our players generously made.

How To Deposit Make A Deposit To PakaKumi Account

Log in to PesaKumi Website.
Select the Cashier Button
Select Deposit amount .The Minimum deposit amount is Ksh 50
Click the Deposit Button and a Mpesa Pop up will appear on the screen
Enter your Pin and click ok

How To Deposit With Paybill  on Pakakumi 


  • Minimum deposit amount is KES 50
  • You can ONLY deposit using the same phone number you use to login.
  • You can not deposit while you have an active bonus


  1. Go to M-PESA on your phone
  2. Select Pay Bill option
  3. Enter Business no. 4074297 (MURIA PIXELS LIMITED)
  4. Enter Account no. A
  5. Enter the Amount
  6. Enter your M-PESA PIN and Send

How To Withdraw From PakaKumi

From your Account Tap on the Withdraw, input amount and then confirm the withdrawal.

 Refer A Friend

Refer to your friend and earn the commission up to Ksh 100, 00.The more you refer, the more you earn.

PakaKumi Contacts

Mobile Number:  0700592624



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