HelaKing Online honest review :  Scam or legit?

This review will help you understand, what is HelaKing , how it works, its methods of earning and whether it is legitimate or a scam.

HelaKing is available in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, and Nigeria.

Registration link>> www.helaking.com

How HelaKing work

To be an active member of HelaKing , you’ll have to

  • Create your account using a referral link from someone who’s currently a HelaKing member.
    Registration link>> www.helaking.com
  • Activate your HelaKing with a one-time fee, Kshs 100. The joining fee is mandatory for all HelaKing members, and it has no renewals.
  • Once your account is active, you can log in and access various HelaKing features such as your referral links. You can now start earning through some of the ways shown in your HelaKing dashboard.

But can you make money with HelaKing? We’ve tried to explain various earning methods in HelaKing by portraying both the negative and positive sides.

HelaKing methods of earning

1. By referring others

HelaKing is not different from other popular referral programs such as HelaEmpire. Referring is still the primary method of earning. You’re given a referral link as soon as you join HelaKing. You can use the link to invite other people who might be interested in joining HelaKing.

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There are one referral tier from which you’ll earn varying commission as shown below;

  • Level one: Each person who joins HelaKing using your referral link will be in your level 1. You’ll earn Kshs 70 per referral at this level when they activate their accounts.

Registration link>> www.helaking.com

Essential things to note

  • You’ll not earn anything from your referrals at any level unless they activate their accounts. This is because it has a pyramidal-like structure where you’re paid using the registration fee of your referrals.
  • HelaKing does not sell any products like most network marketing companies. The primary source of their income is the registration fee from their members.

2. Surveys in HelaKing

HelaKing offers a survey for their new users. You’ll be required to answer 5 simple questions immediately after activating your account.

If you answer the 5 questions correctly, a Kshs 50 bonus will reflect in your account.

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3. Through HelaKing spinning

A new user-free spin is available to all HelaKing members. The spin wheel is marked with various amounts; once you spin it, the amount you win will depend on where the pointer lands. There is a possibility of winning as little as Kshs 10 or even nil.

The active users of HelaKing can also access the stake spin. This type of spin is available for all members in any period. Before you spin, you’ll have to stake a certain amount and wait for the outcome.

Spinning isn’t a reliable way of earning in HelaKing. Just like betting, there are both chances of losing and winning. Sometimes the probability of losing is much higher than that of winning.

4. Through Trivia questions

HelaKing have trivia questions on specific days in a week. The HelaKing trivia bonus is Kshs 50. You’ll only be paid once you answer all the trivia questions correctly. You cannot withdraw these trivia earnings until you reach the minimum payout.

How you can join/Register HelaKing

If you’re interested in joining HelaKing, you must have the registration fee, Kshs 100. Then look for someone who has a referral link. Be warned that the primary way of earning is by referring others. If you’re not good at referrals, refrain from joining HelaKing

Registration link>> www.helaking.com

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Is HelaKing Legit or a scam?

HelaKing is only legit for those members who are good at networking. If you don’t like referring, there are high chances that you won’t make money with HelaKing

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Conclusion on HelaKing review

If you’ve read the entire post to this end, then you’ve got a clear understanding of what HelaKing is and whether it is worth joining or not.

If you know you’re poor at referring others, I wouldn’t advise you to join HelaKing since it is the principal method of earning.



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