It is my pleasure to welcome you to the UDA YOUTH WING official website. UDA YOUTH WING envisions a united, free, secure, and prosperous nation. Therefore, if you believe in Peace, Love, Unity, and Prosperity, then you belong in UDA YOUTH WING.

As the party of independence, we hold dear the values that promote and protect our local economies; devolution of more power and resources to the people; enhance industry and innovation; and conservation of our environment in the wake of climate change.

In grounding our party into a bastion of inclusion, equity, and equality that it is today, we have had to place premium on the participation of the youth, women, and people with disabilities by providing safe spaces for them to thrive.

However, we are also cognizant that we have a history that we always have to contend with. But if there is anywhere we can draw invaluable lessons as a party, is in our past. A past of mixed fortunes. A past of ups and downs. A past we are ready to shoulder because it is the beacon that lights our path into the future.

Therefore, I invite you today to join us and contribute to building Kenya’s most responsive political party where every voice counts and every opinion matters.

Once again, we greatly cherish your presence here. Get involved by registering as our member and receive regular updates, information, and news about the programs and activities of our party.

Thank you and God bless you.


UDA YOUTH WING National Chairman


  1. Am very much delighted to hear from you.
    But how can this UDA PARTY reach us in all corners in this nation?
    Am Macent John Ginabai UDA PARTY Membership number UDA7545. from Migori County, Kuria East Constituency, Nyabasi West Ward.
    Thank you.

  2. I am a registered member of UDA-17858.
    A PWD and wishes to request for the establishment of UDA Disability help in championing of PWDs welfare both in the party and the country at large. Thanks


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