M-Kopa phones are a popular brand of smartphones in Kenya. They are available in a range of prices, and many people in Kenya consider them to be affordable.

Most financial service providers require high credit scores and assets to serve as security for loans offered to borrowers.

M-Kopa has come to bridge this gap by allowing people from all financial backgrounds to obtain essential products without paying the full amount upfront. All that is required is a deposit and consistency in paying the small daily amounts that will be discussed.

To date, M-Kopa provides other products apart from solar lightings, such as phonesfridges, and televisions, which are essential for every person’s daily life. Also, interested people can apply for quick loans to cover emergency needs. M-Kopa is located in Kenya, Ghana, Uganda, and Nigeria.

M-Kopa Phones, deposit amounts, and daily payments

As hinted above, down-payment is required before taking your M-Kopa phone home. Also, there are flexible periodic payments that will highly determine whether you are a trustworthy customer or not.

Note that the deposit amount and small payments vary from phone to phone, seeing that these products are branded differently and have different features.

For a better understanding, below is List of M-Kopa Phones and Prices in Kenya

M-Kopa Phones and Prices in Kenya

ID Phone Type Deposit (Ksh) Daily Payment (Ksh) Payment (Days)
1 Nokia C1 2,699 35 365
2 Nokia C01 Plus 3,299 40 365
3 Nokia 1.4 3,999 50 365
4 Nokia C10 3,299 40 365
5 Nokia C20 3,999 45 365
6 Nokia C21 3,999 50 365
7 Nokia C21 Plus 4,699 55 365
8 Nokia C30 4,299 55 365
9 Nokia G10 3,699 60 365
10 Nokia G20 4,999 70 365
11 Nokia G21 4,999 70 365
12 Nokia 5.4 5,499 85 365
13 Nokia G50 7,999 100 365
14 Nokia X10 7,999 100 365
15 Samsung A02 3,499 55 365
16 Samsung AO3 3,499 60 365
17 Samsung AO3 Core 3,499 50 365
18 Samsung A03s 3,999 65 365
19 Samsung A12 4,499 70 365
20 Samsung A13 5,999 90 365
21 Samsung A22 5,999 85 365
22 Samsung A23 7,499 100 365


Note that the maximum and most common repayment period is 365 days


M-Kopa Payment mode

The payment mode varies from country to country. In Kenya you should pay your down payment or periodic amounts through M-Pesa by following the following steps:

  1. Launch the M-Pesa menu on your phone.
  2. Select Lipa Na M-Pesa.
  3. Click on the PayBill option.
  4. Enter M-Kopa’s PayBill number, 333222.
  5. Enter your ID number as the account number. The ID details should match what you used when buying the phone.
  6. Add the amount of money you are paying.
  7. Input your M-Pesa pin.
  8. Click Ok
  9. You’ll receive a notification message from M-Pesa if the payment is successful.


M-Kopa PayBill Number

The PayBill Number for M-Kopa is 333222


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M-Kopa Phone Return Policy/Can I return M-Kopa Phone?

A customer can return their device ay any time during their loan duration. Provided the device is in good working condition

  • Get 100% refund of their deposit
  • Be released of their remaining loan commitment

Terms and Conditions

  • The Policy does not apply to motorbikes
  • The deposit will be refunded if the customer has an outstanding cash loan
  • If a device is returned with any missing component, the value of the component will be deducted from the deposit fund

Early and late M-Kopa payments

Early payments attract a discount while late payments result in interest charges. Therefore, you must aim to pay your loan as expected to avoid spending more money.

Also, note that your name may be forwarded to CRB if you consistently default on the periodic payments, which will affect your ability to receive credit from other lenders in the future.

M-Kopa Careers

The following position in Nairobi, Kenya is presently available.


Senior Manager Market Development


The Market Development Manager will be in charge of major strategic, business development, analytical, and cross-departmental projects that will help M-KOPA expand its connected asset financing platform.


Click on the link below to see all open positions at M-Kopa.


M-Kopa phones deactivation

On paying the initial deposit you’ll be allowed to start using the phone, but you must pay the periodic payments on time so that your usage isn’t restricted. In case of a restriction, M-Kopa can reactivate your usage if payments resume.


M-Kopa Customer Care Contacts in Kenya

Use the details below to reach out to an M-Kopa representative in Kenya:

WhatsApp number: 0799136761

Phone number: 0707333222

Website: https://m-kopa.com/

Email Address: [email protected]

Facebook Page: https://web.facebook.com/mkopa.ke/


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