Meru Senator Mithika Linturi now says Jubilee is no longer a party anyone would want to associate with.

Linturi on Thursday said the current problems Kenyans are facing is a result of the failure of the party to keep the promises.

Speaking on Citizen TV, Linturi said it is evident that the party has become a true definition of betrayal and baggage.

The senator was reacting to reports that ODM leader Raila Odinga is in plans to form a bigger political formation with the ruling party.

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“In my case, I would ask myself which Jubilee is that because the current one is not a party anyone would want to associate themselves with. It is baggage and a betrayal because it has failed to keep its promises,” he said.

Linturi said the reason he is still in the party is that he is among those who have worked hard for the party to stay put.

“We have worked so hard and we are trying to see the best ways we can co-exist. I can’t lose my sight of expression because I am in Jubilee. If we were given room to air out our grievances as a party we couldn’t be where we are,” Linturi said.

He said for a long time the party has never had a serious Parliamentary Group meeting or a party stand on serious matters.

“The only time we meet is when we are being called to sign forms to remove someone from their positions,” he said.

While equating party leader President Uhuru Kenyatta to an irresponsible polygamous father, Linturi said the party leadership had had affairs with other political formations at the expense of the members.

“If our party leader as our father treated us equally we shall have no problem but currently he is acting like a polygamous father who has become irresponsible by mistreating the children of the first wife,” he said.

Linturi said the party leadership had even infringed on the independence of the legislators to an extent that they have completely lost their oversight roles.

“I want to tell you that even in the parliament the oversight roles by the legislators has been compromised by the executive because even the house leadership in committees are done by Statehouse,” he said.

“We as members should be allowed to air our concerns because the party does not belong to individuals.”

But his sentiments were objected by Kiambu Senator Kimani Watangi who said Linturi was trying to promote a thought line that when a politician is given mandate upon election, they can midway change way and abdicate their responsibilities.

Wamatangi who now doubles up as the Senate Majority Chief Whip said politicians should be reminded that they can have different political persuasions but their social contract with the electorate still remain.

“What Linturi is doing is promoting a culture that is is deceitful that it is okay for politicians to dupe Kenyans. The conversations we should be having is whether our political contribution of the well being of the country is overrated. We must ask ourselves how much does a politician put in the daily lives of their electorate,” Wamatangi said.

He said Linturi cannot distance himself from Jubilee because he has been part of the process and elected twice on a Jubilee ticket.

“We are in Jubilee as a team, we all wore a red t-shirt and stood at Kasarani and declared our manifesto,” he said.

His sentiments were echoed by Rarieda MP Otiende Amollo who said if Linturi feels Jubilee has failed its supporters the decent thing to do is to resign.

“We must be bold enough to have some political hygiene. We have taken it too far, betraying the sovereign will of people who believed and voted you in that party. Why would you start insulting the same party,” Amollo posed.

The legislator said a time has come for politicians to be encouraged to adhere to party codes of conduct.

“Politicians must follow the ideologies of the party all through and this will put to an end the scenario of the famous political prostitution,” he said.

At the same time, Linturi was put to task to substantiate claims that the forthcoming Machakos by-election will be chaotic.

Limnturi had on a national television claimed that certain politicians allied to the Nasa coalition were planning to use UDA branded materials to cause chaos.

According to him, he had received a call past 10 pm on Wednesday with the informant telling him that some UDA t-shirts were being printed to be used by their opponents to cause the violence.

But Machakos Governor Alfred Mutua took on the Senator and demanded that he substantiates the claims.

Mutua while saying such claims have the potential to cause fear among the people of Machakos, maintained the senator ought to have made a report with the police.

The governor said so far all campaigns that have been conducted have been peaceful with no indication of violence.

“Senator Linturi must be held responsible for any violence that might occur. He cannot claim that he got intelligence from a citizen because how can he then tell if it is just a rumour or true,” Mutua said.

Linturi had made the claims as he protested a move by the State to withdraw security officers attached to some politicians.

Linturi said it is unfortunate that MPs are forced to seek redress in court after their security is unprocedurally removed.

“We must depoliticise the police and let them serve us equally,” he said.

But Mutua said MPs and those in the VIP cadre should only request for security when they really feel they are insecure.

Rarieda MP Otiende Amollo said it was unfortunate that the Senator was fearmongering by making claims he cannot substantiate.

The legislator said since the senator had not filed a formal report with the police but made the claim on national television, police should move swiftly and put him to the task.

Amollo said Linturi cannot associate Nasa with violence when public confessions have revealed the otherwise.

Senator Wamatangi in his sentiments said instead of fearmongering, all politicians should strive to see that everybody is brought along in their agendas.

Wamatangi said Kenya can be a good country if all politicians prioritised on minimising divisions through consensus.

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