How to Fuliza to my own number? How do I Fuliza? Is it possible to Fuliza to my number? In this article I will show how it is possible to Fuliza to your own number.

Let’s begin with What is Fuliza? Fuliza is an overdraft service for Mpesa users to enable them complete whatever they’re paying for even with less than what they’re required to pay in their Mpesa wallets.

How to Use Fuliza

To begin using Fuliza as a Safaricom subscriber with an active Mpesa account, you can simply dial *234# ,select Fuliza and opt in.

After successful joining the service, fuliza will offer you a limit. If the limit is not zero you can start using the overdraft service right away but if your limit is zero,

How to Fuliza to your own number .

This is something many readers of Loans Kenya Blog have been asking. To day will tell you that it’s not possible but also impossible to Fuliza to your own number.

It is not possible because, you can only send Fuliza money out to another personal number , Till number or Paybill number. That means you can’t send to the same phone number you’re trying to Fuliza with.

But how is it possible again to Fuliza to your own number? If you have another personal number, Till number or Paybill number registered under your name, then you can send Fuliza money from one of your numbers to another of your own.

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