What is EasyEarn? 

EasyEarn is an online business in which you work from home and earn money. It is available in 5 countries: Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Nigeria and Rwanda. In Easy Earn, you earn through referrals, accessing soft loans spinning, surveys, trivia questions, IQ tests, and ads clicking. When you bring other people to join Easy Earn, you are given a commission. Creating an account in Easy Earn is absolutely free. However, you are required to activate your account with Ksh 500 which is affordable.

Registration Link >> https://easyearn.com/register

When was EasyEarn launched?

Easy Earn was launched on Marchth  20th 2021.

How do you earn in Easy Earn?

Let’s have a detailed look at how you make money on Easy Earn.

1. Referrals

Being a referral-based program, you make money when you invite people to join via your unique referral link. Notably, referrals are the primary ways to make money in Easy Earn Technologies, which means you require a large network of referrals to leverage your earnings. There are three different levels of referral earning in Easy Earn Technologies as illustrated below.

Registration Link >> https://easyearn.com/register

Level 1: Referrals are people you invite to join through your invite link. For every direct referral that you bring into Easy Earn Technologies, you earn Ksh300. Note that you will only earn when your referrals register and activate their account with Ksh 500. The best thing about referrals is that there are no restrictions on the maximum number that you can bring to join Easy Earn Technologies. You can bring as many as you want.

Level 2: Your direct referrals also invite people to join Easy Earn Technologies through their invite link. When anybody they refer joins and activate the account, you earn an indirect commission of Ksh100. This is awesome, there are no restrictions as well, and you must earn the commission for the indirect referrals brought by your level 1 referrals.

Level 3: This is the last level of referrals that earns you commission. When someone in level 2 invites a person to Easy Earn Technologies and they join, you will earn Ksh 50.

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2. Spinning

In Easy Earn Technologies, spinning’s are categorized in 3 different ways as I have highlighted below.

  • New User Spin – Every new user who joins and activates his/her Easy Earn Technologies account is eligible to a free spin. The maximum winning per spin is Ksh 3,300.
  • Stake to Spin – If you have money available in your account, you can stake any amount to spin and win up to 66 times your stake. This depends on your luck, not a must that you will win. The minimum stake for spinning is Ksh 10.
  • Free Spin – Easy Earn Technologies offers free spins to all active members once in a week. Again, winning depend on your luck.

3. New User Survey

For all new users, there is a Ksh 50 bonus given when they answer 5 simple questions immediately after activating their account.

4. Trivia

These are questions that will be scheduled on specific days and time where all active members are eligible to participate. Once you participate and answer the questions correctly, you will be given a commission.

5. IQ Test

There will be timed questions that can be googled from net that will earn you a commission as well.

6. AD Clicking

In Easy Earn Technologies active users are allowed to post adverts. The more you get many clicks, the more you earn.

Registration Link >> https://easyearnn.com/register

Easy Earn Technologies

Easy Earn Technologies Registration

To register is very simple process

  •  Visit easy earn official websites>>  https://easyearnn.com/register
  • Fill your Details{ mpesa number,user namer and phone number}
  • Choose a strong password
  • click register

To activate your Account

  • Enter the Mpesa phone number you wish to pay with
  • Click Make payment
  • Mpesa pop up will appear on your screen
  • enter your mpesa pin
  • Click OK

Easy Earn Technologies

How to Withdraw from Easy Earn Technologies

Generally, Easy Earn Technologies withdrawals are made via Mpesa for Kenyan users. As for other countries like Tanzania, other mobile money services will be used which suit the user. This should be clear before you decide to create your Easy Earn account.

When are Easy Earn Technologies withdrawals made?

You can withdraw your earnings in Easy Earn Technologies anytime you want. The money will be sent to your Mpesa account, although there might be a delay for few hours.

Can I refer people from other countries to Easy Earn Technologies ?

Yes. Easy Earn Technologies is available in various countries such as Kenya, Rwanda, Nigeria, Tanzania, etc. Referrals are not limited to people from the same country; you can also refer someone outside your country to joinEasy Earn Technologies

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Can I earn from referrals who haven’t activated their Easy Earn  accounts?

No. If you refer someone and registers without paying the activation fee of KES 500, you will not earn anything. The KES 300 that Easy Earn Technologies users earn from their direct referrals is usually deducted from each direct referral’s activation fee.

What is Easy Earn Technologies minimum withdrawal?

Almost all online businesses have a certain minimum payout that you must meet before you request a withdrawal. Similarly, Easy Earn Technologies has a minimum withdrawal, Kes 500, which you must have earned before you are paid. Easy Earn Technologies will also deduct Kes 40 withdrawal charges. This means for you to withdraw KES 500; your account balance must be at least KES 540.

Smart Hela minimum withdrawal

Is Easy Earn Technologies  legit or just another scam?

It is good to note that with the rising Corona virus pandemic many scam websites offering easy online income have come to the surface. Therefore it is always good to appeal to everyone not to look for making easy money.

But Easy Earn Technologies is Legit and i have made over 10,000ksh with it and withdrawn from Mpesa.

In every business, you must risk hoping for profits; however, sometimes, we end up making losses. Likewise, you will either make losses or gain from Easy Earn Technologies


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