ODM leader and the former prime minister Raila Odinga has suffered a major blow in his presidential bid after hundreds of supporters from his stronghold publicly denounced him as they switched gears to Dp William Ruto’s linked UDA party.

Speaking above, one of the residents told the media that the region is no longer an ODM stronghold as perceived. He said that a time has come that they have to make a change, claiming that they have tried with Raila for long. “Tumechoka na Raila. People should stop saying that Uriri is an ODM backyard, there is nothing like that anymore. We have come out for UDA registrations to reach our ambition,” he said.

William Jaoko Okoyo said that UDA is the only sure bet party that will lead them to State house. He encouraged residents to come out and register as members of the party. “We have come out to register as United Democratic Alliance(UDA) members because it I the only party that will lead us to State House. The registration is done online and once you are registered, you get your UDA number instantly,” he said.

UDA party coordinator in the area, William Wasonga Odero, said that he was amazed by the huge number of turn out and willingness. “Am happy to see the high number of turn for UDA registration in Uriri Constituency, especially from West Kanyamkago ward,” Odero said.

Link to the video below; click to watch the video;https://youtu.be/T2aUTfLMByo

As my reader what’s your view? Don’t you think things aren’t good with Raila anymore.



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