Pesawell Technologies  is a new online investment platform which will be launched on 24th, September this year at 2pm . It’s own by richable ventures in Kenya and it was founded by the one who introduce Ikopesa and Netpesa. This time they introduce some new features like trading coins. It will be available in Kenya and Tanzania.


Register to pakakumi

How to register Pesawell Technologies 

Registration is free but you must Activate your account for Only Ksh.350 while Tanzanians will be paying 8,750TZS.

To register :

  • Visit their website >>
  • Fill in you details that is your mpesa name,username
  • Enter your number
  • Enter your password

Register to pakakumi


How to make money with Pesawell Technologies 


For any person you refer to Pesawell Tecnologies and he/she activates the account you get paid

Referral Payouts
  • Level 1 Ksh.200,
  • Level 2 Ksh.70
  • Level 3 Ksh.30

2.Blog Views

Through this platform you can increase your income through article writing. They give you the opportunity to write articles and they will pay you according to the number of visitors you will find. Earn 5KES or 100TZS per every view every monday.


This technologies bring you trading as a way to enable you to increase your income. Sell ​​and purchase products through Pesawell technologies. This is a completely new feature on these online platforms. You can earn profit up to 70% every 30 mins.

4. Competition Awards

Get Cash Bonuses Every Week


The 1st No Zero Payout Spin. Win in Every Spin.  Free Spins on Tuesday & Friday

6. YouTube Videos📽️

Earn Ksh.10 Per View Every Thursday & Sunday

7.Trivia Quizzes⁉️

Increase your income by answering questions correctly. Questions will be asked on key dates set aside by operators. Earn 10KES or 210TZS every Wednesday.

8.Trading Coins

Buy while Price is Low & Sell When Price Rises.

9.Word Game

Win Upto Ksh.100 Per Spi

Why choose PesaWell

Easy Registration Process
Withdrawals are Instant
Ability to Contact Downlines
Genuine & Working Earning Ways
Dedicated Customer Care

IS PesaWell Tecnologies a scam or legit ?

Pesawell is a legit since i made made with ikopesa and netpesa. and the owners are the same.But you should be the first ones to invest in first 2 months

How to contact Pesawell 

Phone number:




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