A lady who has decorated her house with United Democratic Alliance (UDA) posts which include colors and slogan, has sparked mixed reactions on social media.

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According to the viral photos shared on social media, the lady’s house is seen painted with the yellow and green colors associated to UDA and the slogan Kazi ni kazi and hustler movement is also portrayed.

Her furniture which mostly entails the seats can be seen covered with yellow covers portraying the UDA name, colors and slogan.

The lady’s act has sparked mixed reactions among Kenyans as seen below;

UDA’s Growth….

The United Democratic Alliance, associated with Deputy President William Ruto has of recent days ushered in some political glee.

Initially, the UDA party was formerly the Party of Development and Reform and later changed its name in accordance with the Political Parties.

The second in command has not officially come out to identify himself as a member of the party as he recently said he is still the jubilee deputy leader.

However those associated with the DP including those who refer to themselves by the Hustler Nation slogan, along with the Wheelbarrow Movement that the second in command has been popularising across the nation, cannot be separated from the UDA party.




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