What is IkoPesa Entail?

IkoPesa is a digital platform that was developed to empower Kenyans in making money online. It was specifically created to offer countless digital courses to enable Kenyans to learn and start successful online businesses. IkoPesa assures its members 100% money back through their referrals, learning and gaming bonuses. It offers 60-day online marketing courses that enable you to get opportunities that can earn you can over 40,000ksh a month

IkoPesa processes its user’s money the same day the user transacts to ensure they have full control of their money. During every week, IkoPesa shares new earning opportunities with its users. Besides, for all activated accounts, there are free spins on most Fridays where you can earn up to Ksh 5,000.

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Benefits of Joining IkoPesa

  • You only pay Ksh 80 to join IkoPesa, which is affordable to many and hence easier to get referrals.
  • No account renewals are required in IkoPesa.
  • When you build a team of like 50 referrals in IkoPesa, you get rewarded with Ksh 2,000 besides the indirect bonus that is given.
  • With IkoPesa, future earning are guaranteed through teamwork and smart work.
  • You can easily transact using credit cards, M-Pesa, and PayPal in IkoPesa.
  • No limitations on withdrawal; you can withdraw money from IkoPesa any time you want.

Registration Link >> www.ikopesa.com


How Does IkoPesa Work?

It is very easy to learn how IkoPesa works, and start using it immediately you register. You can start earning in three easy steps. Follow these three steps to become an IkoPesa member.

  1. Register – Here, you can create your IkoPesa account for free using your mobile phone and phone number.
  2. Activate Account – For your account to be activated, you need to pay Ksh 80 as an activation fee.
  3. Start Earning – Here, you start earning through games, referrals, and through completing the digital marketing courses, which are absolutely free to learn.

Registration Link >> www.ikopesa.com


How to Register to Ikopesa  

To register just visit https://ikopesa.com/accounts/signup/

-Enter username ,email and password
-Then Click Create Account

How to login

To login just visit https://ikopesa.com/accounts/login/
Enter username and password
Then Click login

Registration Link >> www.ikopesa.com


How to make money with ikopesa

Referral method

When you register to IkoPesa, you get a referral link for inviting friends. You use the link and share it via platforms such as WhatsApp to invite friends to join. For every direct referral who joins through your link, you get Ksh 40. What does this mean? If you bring 100 people in a day, you will earn Ksh 4000, which is really awesome.

2nd tier referral 

Besides direct referrals, you also earn via indirect referrals that your direct referrals bring to IkoPesa. For this case, you earn Ksh 15 for every indirect referral who joins IkoPesa. This is a win-win platform where your earning increase as your IkoPesa network expands.

Course Bonus

IkoPesa has countless courses that are free for anyone who joins. For every course that you complete, you get some bonus.

Spin Method

IkoPesa has a Super Spin for its users. When you register, you get a chance to win up to Ksh 5,000 through spinning. You only need games coupon to get started. During Tuesdays of every week, users are gifted free spins, which are really awesome.

Is ikopesa scam or  legit?

In my previous Ikopesa online business review, I answered whether ikopesa is legit or a scam. I have seen their registration certificate, and I cannot say they are scammers. I think the question people should be asking is whether Ikopesa is worth joining or not. If you have read this article to this point, I am sure you have noted both pros and cons of joining  Ikopesa. Therefore, it shouldn’t be hard for you to make any decisions.

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