The UDA YOUTH WING  plans include

1. Reach out to grassroots members and mobilize for party membership recruitment through the organ

2. Push for youth agenda within and without the party

3. Carry out UDA YOUTH WING grassroots elections

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We will conduct UDA YOUTH WING election in July 2021..Register to get more update


  1. happy to join this team.the voice of the people is the voice Of Allah.the option is always to win or win.when people are united they can never be defeated.

  2. The 5th President of Kenya will be non other than Hon. William Samoei Ruto come next general election with full force of the citizens of the Republic of Kenya

  3. How can I become a UDA party member? I am forever hustler. A graduate but working for kazi Mtaani. #kazi ni kazi, #once a hustler always a HUSTLER.


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