Change High is a cryptocurrency exchange that claims to offer investors high rates in the market. You can exchange your digital currency and earn profit in return. In their platform, they feature the latest price of various coins.

Moreover, you can utilize their affiliate program to get an extra income. All you have to do is share your link and receive 1% from every transaction that the new client makes. The company has suspicious elements despite them featuring testimonials on their website. The safety of your fund should always come first. Despite the platform being in the market for several years, they are not very reputable.

ChangeHigh Review

Change High is allegedly an innovative exchange that promises users secure and fast services with the highest prices in the industry. The main focus of this company is to offer investors an opportunity to earn income while experiencing the best opportunities.

The company also brags that they have designed their website in an elegant, beautiful, and convenient interface, and the technology that they utilize is top-notch.Trusting a reputable cryptocurrency company is everyone’s desire. Before joining the industry, make sure you know all the pros and cons. A platform with a past track record is better than one that is promising you ridiculous rewards.

They urge all investors to join them for them to start receiving real-time cash, which they can spend on shopping and other necessities. The company also claims that they have high-security protocols, and investors need not worry about losing their personal information to scammers. Review, Change High Platform

The transaction is done anonymously, and the website is user-friendly. It will only take you less than one minute to sell your digital asset. The platform also states that it has no boundaries, and customers can exchange almost all cryptos in the market.

The information of their founder is not readily available to the public. The person behind the website is running it anonymously and has no intention of revealing their real identity. Matters regarding investment and finance are crucial, and transparency and credibility must distinguish the activities of the investment platform.

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The exchange does not seem legit since their legitimacy is lurking. Additionally, the information they have provided on the website is insufficient. Statistics are also not made available since the financial report that can prove investment services are taking place is also missing.

How Does Change High Operates?

You have to select the digital currency that you wish to exchange by choosing the amount. Then enter your PayPal address, which you want to receive money then select the exchange button. The aim is to ensure that you send the same amount of digital currency to the right address and wait for the confirmation message. What follows is the company will send you the real cash into your account.

You need first to have digital assets for you to enjoy the services of Change High. The company accepts various cryptos like Bitcoin, Ripple, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Monero, Dash, Nem, among many others. The exchange allegedly processes all their client request within 12 hours.

However, they also state that the process may take up to 16 hours, but they are striving to narrow down on the timing to make it 30 minutes. And the question about their safety the company state that all transactions are handled transparently.

In case you have not yet received your earning, the platform requests investors to contact their support team. Numerous scammers have invaded the market, and it is not all firms that have the best interest for their clients.

It would help if you were very cautious because trusting scam exchange would cause you much harm. Before exchanging your cryptocurrency into fiat currency or other cryptos, you need to perform thorough research to avoid losing money.

Customer support

To contact the customer support of Change High, you will have to fill out their contact form. The company claims that they have friendly and ready to help the team, which is always prepared to assist.

However, the feedback that we got from investors is that customer support provides poor services to investors. It can take up to one month before your problem is addressed. It is not a good sign, as clients are the priority of any company.

The platform will only pay at the initial stage, but eventually, they will start stealing your Bitcoin. The ones who suffer the most are PayPal users who have much cash in their accounts. Your funds would be permanently blocked just because you engage with this fraudulent company.

All this negative feedback it would be unwise to proceed with this firm. For the sake of your money safety, avoid them like the plague and warn one of your loved ones. There is numerous legit cryptocurrency exchange that you can utilize.

Exchanges need to acquire a license certificate that can prove they are operating as per the government requirements. Unfortunately, Change High does not have a regulatory document, and neither do they disclose their actual location.

Without a telephone number, a physical address, and the name of the owner, it would be hard for the law to track the scammers. It is only a Ponzi scheme that will operate in such a discreet manner. Whenever you are investing or exchanging your cryptos, ensure that you engage with the legit platform that has adhered to the set guidelines.

Clients Feedback

The platform features a testimonial from those who have engaged with them. Unfortunately, the feedback looks cherry-picked, primarily because they are not even a single negative review.

The customers are praising the firm for a smooth transaction and promise to come back again. Others even claim they will invite their friend to join the company, according to the review, one investor-state that he got an addition of $245 after using the exchange.

However, the company does not seem legit as we came across negative feedback from those who have tried their services. The company is accused of blocking users’ PayPal account. Their payment method is also frequently being suspended, and users receive their earning. Additionally, concerning their referral program, the company is not paying out investors once they invite other people.

The Domain Insight

The company is privately registered under the domain name The registration took place on 2018 September and will expire in the same month the year 2022. Unfortunately, we could not establish the person behind the exchange. Additionally, the targeted geographical audience of the suspicious company is also unknown. It has a total ranking of 1,469,891.

Final verdict

ChangeHigh is a company that claims to be a crypto exchange. The platform is not transparent, and there are many factors and red flags that make us not to recommend their services to the public. The founder’s information is missing, as well as their actual location and contact details. The company has also acquired unfavourable reviews from investors who have tried their services

We would advise our readers to stitch with legit cryptocurrency platforms that have no intention of scamming clients. Always perform research to see what other people are saying regarding the company that you want to trust with your funds.


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