Political parties disputes tribunal has handed Nandi Hills MP Alfred Keter a blow after it upheld the verdict of the UDA party National Elections Board.

UDA NEB handed Bernard Kitur the nomination certificate after the party’s electoral and nominations disputes committee nullified Keter’s win.

The committee ruled that numerous election malpractice marred the nominations exercise and declared Keter’s win null and void.

Reacting to the tribunal’s verdict, Kitur welcomed the ruling saying it is a testament that massive irregularities marred Nandi Hills nominations.

“Political Parties Disputes Tribunal has vindicated our view that there was massive rigging, voter intimidation and violence during the nomination process making it not credible enough,” he wrote on Facebook.

Keter on his part has said the verdict has officially rendered him an Independent candidate.

“I am officially an independent candidate. May the will of the people of Nandi Hills Constituency prevail come August 9th.”

Kitur had appealed the results of the nomination at the dispute committee where he raised a number of issues to prove the exercise was marred with malpractices.

He told the committee that there were ballot stuffing incidences and delays in the transmission of results, something that the committee concurred with.

The committee said the abnormality is proof that the exercise was shrouded in illegalities that it says “went to the roof of the entire process”.


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