The Kitui UDA leadership has termed the Court of Appeal judgment that invalidated the BBI as good riddance to the majority of the people in the county.

In a statement on Monday, Kitui Hustler Nation coordinator Moses Banda said Kitui people were overjoyed by the Friday ruling.

The statement signed by 11 UDA leaders from across the county said the majority of Kitui people were opposed to the BBI as it did not prescribe any direct benefits to them and the county.

“It was in the public domain that since the BBI circus commenced in earnest, Kitui and its people were left on their own as they were poised to reap zero gains from the now invalidated BBI,” Banda said.

THRILLED BY RULING: A group of UDA leaders drawn from across Kitui during press conference in the outskirts of Kitui town

The UDA group further said it was obnoxious that leaders from Kitui including Kalonzo Musyoka, Governor Charity Ngilu, MPs, Senator and MCAs, abdicated their responsibility to residents and endorsed BBI.

“The people of Kitui demanded the creation of new Mwingi county from the larger Kituo and appeal that was ignored by BBI authors,” Banda said.

“Kitui was also snubbed in the sharing of the proposed new 70 additional constituencies.”

The group said that for giving such a glaring exclusion a deaf ear, the leaders had betrayed the electorate.

They further described Kalonzo and Ngilu as Kitui peoples’ enemies for supporting BBI and whipping their respective parties’ MPs, Senators and MCAs to support the BBI that clearly sidelined the wishes of Kitui people.

“To the Judiciary, we salute you for demonstrating that Kenya is a true constitutional democracy and not a banana republic that would dance to the whims of two political principals,” the statement added.

The group said with the Court’s pronouncement on the BBI it was imperative for the initiators and promoters of the project be made to refund the public funds and resources used in the project that has turned out as gigantic fiasco.

“The use of the taxpayers’ funds by President Uhuru Kenyatta and the former Prime Minister Raila Odinga in a useless illegal and unpopular constitutional amendment is a sheer behaviour of entitlement,” they said.

The statement said public funds would have been spent more prudently to address the Covid-19 pandemic and also go to economic stimulus intervention measures for the majority of the hustlers in Kenya.

The group said it had resolved to gang up with all Kenyans of goodwill to liberate Kenya from the yoke of capture by a few selfish tribal chiefs who believe in the unacceptable doctrine of the impoverishment of the people of Kenya.

“We reaffirm our commitment to fully subscribe to the philosophy and ideals of UDA of uniting the people regardless of their ethnic, religious, colour, creed and social backgrounds under the hustler narrative and the bottom-up economic model,” the statement further said.

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